How to Survive as a Local in Delhi

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First of all, I just feel sad about the bad reputation of the capital due to the unsafe nature. A lot of tourists around the world feel that the city is not at all friendly. But as you start exploring the city you’ll realize that all the rumours are not completely true. Of course Delhi is not best known for its safety, it’s not that bad either.

How to Survice in Delhi
According to a local, ‘When a man is tired of Delhi, he’s tired of life’. And for a majority of tourists, this quote rings true which they will tell you with a big smile if you ask them. Delhi, the capital city of India is melting pot where people from all over the country have come and settled over centuries to make it their own.

Talking about its history, Delhi is built by a number of emperors. And today though there is only one Delhi, each one of us experiences the city in our own ways.

How to Survice in Delhi city
The city is popular for its unique and diverse culture, but for foreigners it is also crowded, daunting and intimidating. However a feeling that does run common in everyone here is that Delhi is also bizarrely attractive, and it offers everyone coming in its centre a unique story to tell. So if you’re ready with a local Delhi map, here are some of the great ideas that will make your journey easy and comfortable.

1. Find Your Accommodation Cautiously

Though the city has no shortage of five-star hotels as well as budget accommodations, choosing the one that suits you is a bit challenging. Personally, I would NEVER recommend that you should find an accommodation once you reach here. This will create more trouble, as you need to take care of your heavy-weight baggage while hunting for the right accommodation.

Imperial Hotel Delhi
The best way is to find the one on any one of the popular online booking engines like or But make sure you find the potential place, which is in close proximity to Delhi’s popular sights and attractions. Paharganj and Karol Bagh are some of the places that I will recommend you to consider while finding the accommodation.

2. Get a Delhi Metro Smart Card

If you are not from Delhi, then you might be curious to explore the city with Metro – only transit that connects to almost whole parts of Delhi. A Smart Card is the most convenient option to travel with Metro.

Delhi Metro Smart Card

It not only helps you save 10% on your travel expense, but also allow you to commute frequently without standing in the long queue of ticket counter. Regular commuters usually travel with Smart Cards and if you want to explore Delhi as a local, then this is the step that you need to start at.

3. Enjoy a Leisurely Walk around Chandni Chowk

Taking your own vehicle to Chandni Chowk is not a thing that I would recommend. The reason behind that is the super- jammed traffic and never-resolving traffic congestion condition.
Chandni Chowk Old Delhi(Above Image Source: Abhishek Chandra)

Taking a short stroll around the streets of Chandni Chowk is one of the best experiences you will enjoy in the city. Besides you can also enjoy a rickshaw ride that will help you discover the best of Old Delhi.

4. Use Hop On Hop Off Bus for Delhi Darshan

It’s good to explore the city on your own. But you’re not familiar with the city and Delhiites (popular for their impolite behaviour).
Hop On Hop Of Bus DelhiSo I would definitely recommend you to opt for HOHO bus for Delhi Darshan. Taking this bus tour to explore the rich heritage of Delhi would be a sensible choice, that’s what I think.

5. Find Restaurants By Cuisine

People in Delhi are crazy about Food. No matter what type of food you are looking for – Punjabi, Gujrati, South India or any International cuisine, the city has everything to satisfy your taste buds.

Cuisine in Delhi Restaurants
It is never a good idea to order something from your hotel’s kitchen when you have plenty of choices available. So just remain calm and if you need something ask your any Delhi fellow.

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